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Serving Strathmore & area since 1976

Equipment List

                                             Equipment List - call for updated prices

Skid Steer
Skid Steers attachments available   buckets, pallet forks, auger attachment
Toro Dingo attachments available - buckets,auger attachment, and landscape level

Jumping Jacks
Plate Tampers
400lb Plate Tamper
800lb Plate Tamper
Trench Roller
Hand Tamper

185-225 CFM Air Compressors
Small Electric Air Compressor up to 5CFM
Large Electric/Gas Wheelbarrow  Air Compressor up to 12CFM
Air Hoses 

Air Tools
Hardwood Stapler 15GA
Sheeting Stapler  16GA
Finishing Stapler 18GA
Brad Nailer
Roofing Nailer  1.25-1.50"
Spiker Nailer  coils 2-3.25"
Passload Nailer cooil 1.25-2"

Concrete Equipment 
Gas Cement Mixer-6 cubic feet
Electric (120V) Cement mixer -3 cubic feet
Concrete Vibrators 7/8" pencil -1 1/2" head 
Power Trowel 
Wheel Barrow
Rebar Cutter/Bender
Bull Floats with handles
Fresno Trowel
Line Cutter for Bull float Handles
Concrete Broom 
Hand Trowels
Extra Handles for Bull Floats

Hilti TE2A-TEA Cordless Drill
Hilti TE-16-TE30 
Hilti TE70 Combi Hammer
Bits from 5/8" to 2" and  Narrow, point and wide chisels, bushing tool
1/2" Electric Spade Drill
1/2" Electric Right Angle Drill
1/2" 2 Cycle Gas Drill 
3/8" Drill
Magnetic Drill-Annular Cutters
Drywall Drill 
1/2"Electric Impact Gun
Decking/Flooring Screwgun
Concrete Core Drill Handheld (bits from 1X12" to 4X12")

Jack Hammers
60lb Air Breaker requires 70CFM to operate
Large Electric Breaker 
Hilti TE1000
Hilti TE70 Combi Hammer
Bits-narrow, point, wide chisels, clay spade,  bushing tool, and flooring tool 

Electric Hand Tools
1/3 sheet vibrator sander
3X21" Belt Sander
5' Angle Grinder
Router (bit not included)
Heat Gun
Wall Paper Stripper
Wet/Dry Industrial Vaccuum
Ceiling Texture/Hopper Machine 
Texture Hopper
Blades,bits and Sand paper extra

Flooring Tools
Drum Sander
Square Sander
EZ Sander
Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Kicker 
Seam Roller
Carpet Iron
Mekanix Flooring Scraper
Lino Scraper electric and manual (blades extra)
100lb Lino Roller
Tile Cutter (skor and crack)
Tile Nippers
7" Angle  Grinder (concrete) cup extra

Yard Equipment
Tillers- Flower Bed, Garden 6.5HP, and 13HP 
Power Rake
Lawn Edger (blade extra)
Grass Trimmer
Power Head with broom or edger attachment
36" Sweeper Walk Behind
Lawn Vacuum 
Gas Powered 18" sod cutter
Gas Powered 24" Hedge Trimmer ( 2 cycle)
120V Electric 30" Hedge Trimmer
Manual 12" Sod Cutter
Lawn Rollers
Towable Lawn Roller
Pitch Fork
Pick Axe 
8-10lb Sledge Hammer
Grass Seeder
Tree Pruner Manual
Fertilizer Spreader
Towable Spreader
Log Splitter 2" ball towable 

Mowers and Blowers
Lawn mower 21" gas
24" Brush Mower
Back Pack Blower

Pressure Washers
2000-2500 PSI Cold H2O Gas Powered
1100 PSI Electric 120V (cold)
3500 PSI Gas Powered (cold)

Post Hole Diggers
2 Man Gas Powered
1 Man Gas Powered (bits 4" to 12")
Auger Extention
Hand Auger/Universal Digger

2000-3000 Watt Gas
5000-8000 Watt Gas (15/30A)
8000 + Watt Gas (15/30/50A)
15KW Towable Diesel 
20KW Towable Diesel (pigtail out with genset 275.00 if not returned)

Lighting Equipment 
20KW 30'Light Tower
1000W Metal Halide 12' Tower 110V
Wobble Light 110V

Survey Equipment
4FT Level 
Transit Rule 
Transit/Builders Level 
Laser Level 1000FT Radius 

35-50000 BTU Radiant 
80000 BTU Inderect Tent Heater 
170000 BTU Inderect Tent Heater 
350000 BTU Inderect Tent Heater with ducting
Tiger Torch
Propane Tanks and Hoses
400K Inderect Fire with Ducting
1500 Watt 120V 15Amp 
6000 Watt 240V 30Amp
9000 Watt 240V 50Amp

12" Barrel 
20" High Velocity 
48" Air Mover 2 Speed 
12" Axial Fan
Turbo Dryer Floor Fan 

Step/A Frame  8,10,12, and 14 ft
Extention 20,24, and 33 ft
Ladder Jack Set

Hoists and Jacks
Wall Jacks
Floor Jacks
20 Bottle Jack
Jack All
Pallet Jack 
come along
Dry Lift Lift 12' and 14' 
Dry Wall Lift extention

Meat Equipment 
Electric Meat Grinder
Electric Meat Saw
Hand Meat Saw
Sausage Stuffer
Tape Dispenser

Flat Snake 50-100 Ft 
Coil Snake 25-100 Ft
Toilet Snake
Kinetic Water Ram
25 Ft Power Snake 2" + lines
100 Ft Power Auger 3" + Lines
Large Sewer Drilling Rig Includes 12 rods
PEX Pipe cutters
1/2" & 3/4" combo pipe crimpers
1/2" confined space 
3/4" Confined space

MIni Excavator 

Miscellaneous Equipment
Bolt Cutters
Booster Cables
Coffee Perks 
Extension Cords
Caulking Gun
Wheel Chair 
Metal Detector
Fish Tape 
Magnet Sweep Broom 
Measuring Wheel

Suction Cups

2" Sub Centrifical Pump (electric)
2" Sub Trash Pump (electric)
2" Trash Pump (Gas Powered) 
3" Sub Pump (electric) 110V
3" Trash Pump (Gas Powered)
3/4" Sub Pump (electric) 
Waterbed Pump
2' & 3" X 20 FT Suction Hose 
2"&3" X 50 FT Discharge Hose

Large Brick Saw 5" cutting depth
Small Brick saw 3" cutting depth
Paving Stone Cutter
7" Tub Tile Saw
Wall Tile Saw/Table Saw
Reciprocating Saw/Saws All 
7 1/4" Circular Saw
10 1/4" Circular Saw
Jig Saw
10" Table Saw
10" Miter Saw
14" Sliding Compound Mitre Saw
Compound Mitre Stand 
Hole Saw Set
14" Metal Chop Saw
14" Electric Cut Off Saw
14" Gas Cutoff Saw 
18" Road/slab Gas Powered Saw
Power Pruner 12" 2cycle
Chainsaw 18" Bar

10' X19" Alumawood Walkways
8" Casters
Leveling Casters
Leveling Jacks
Braces 3' or 5'
Frames 3' or 5'
Guard Rails
Baker Scaffold

Tilt Deck 18' to 20' 
Utility 12' to 14' 
Dumpbox 14' 

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